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Client – Pest Control Company

Account Type: PPC | Industry: Niche Commercial Pest Control | Size: Nationwide

The problem

Increased costs year over year, lead growth dropping. Certain campaigns that in previous years had performed well were now underperforming and needed help. The cost per lead had increased by 100% over the last 3 years across all campaigns. Their competition had started to aggressively outbid my client’s campaigns along with new companies trying to muscle in on the niche with aggressive outbidding tactics.

Our Solution

After a full PPC audit working from the account settings level to campaign level to ad and keyword levels we found outdated bidding strategies that needed updating along with new creative for ads. We decided on a new bidding strategy that worked based on updated ad types and also found a keyword variant, not in use that we were able to create a new ad group for each campaign with, we also changed our bidding strategy based off of years of data we have gathered showing the changing importance of ad placement on screens. We also optimized their website with new mobile-friendly landing pages.



After a short learning phase and optimization over the course of a few months our client’s results improved dramatically. We saw a sharp drop in Cost per Lead (over 75% drop in cost) with an increase in the quality of the leads coming in. A significant increase in the number of leads has also lead our client to hire 5 more field technicians to cover the increased workflow this year alone.

2020 vs 2019 all campaigns

After our initial ad account audit and changes we still needed to gather data and then action changes based on the data gathered. The results speak for themselves. Over the course of the year, the entire account shows a consistent drop in the average cost per click and an uptrend across the year for conversions. Our client is in a niche industry that has peak operating levels in the summer and no winter business so there is an increased need for low-cost quality leads in their busy season.

Avg cost per click savings of 36.6% for the year

Avg cost per conversion savings of 31.6% for the year

August 2020 vs August 2019 all campaigns

The average cost per click savings for August on the account level was at 49.05%

Conversions were up 169 leads for August compared to 2019

When we combine the above two figures we see that for an additional 7k spend my client received an additional 169 leads which converted to a cost per lead of $41.65 for the additional 169 leads, and an average cost of $72.57 for all leads for the month of August 2020 saving $32.89 per lead over 2019s costs.

Now let’s take a deeper dive at the campaign level. This campaign is based on the east coast and has a large pool of competitors that fight for ad space, increasing the average CPC in ad auctions.

Even with high competition ad bidding we were still able to bring our cost per lead down significantly.

37.1% drop in the average cost per click for the month of August 2020 vs August 2019

Conversions increased significantly over the previous year with an additional 45 leads for the month of August 2020 over the same time period 2019.

Due to the data-driven adjustments we made at the campaign level and ad group level we saw the average cost per conversion for this campaign drop from $119.68 in August 2019 to $57.75 in August 2020 for savings of $61.93 per lead.

Total cost for this campaign in August 2020 was $4.570.00. For the additional $499.00 spend my client received 45 additional leads. That’s $11 dollars per lead for the additional spend!